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Take a closer look at how CaseworkER can support your case load through our innovative features and functionality

HR enquiry management

Capture and report on all employee enquiries

Log, track, resolve and report on all your HR enquiries. This intuitive function provides that extra level of detail while capturing all interactions, allowing you to measure and improve the level of service provided by the HR team and helps to proactively reduce formal case work by resolving issues earlier.

With highly customisable fields, resolution dates and ability to assign enquiries to users across the organisation it ensures complete transparency.

Policies and sub-policies

Mirror your HR policies to ensure consistency every time

Policies and sub-policy templates are configured based upon your requirements. Guiding users through the policy stages, actions and recommended durations ensures a consistent and transparent approach to case management.

Sub templates are ideal for organisations where multiple policies of the same type exist, for example, a legacy disciplinary policy may still be used along with a newer version.

Letter templates

Generate letters from approved templates

A fast and convenient way to access approved letter templates. With your company stationary, mail merge fields and a full text editor, users only need to change a minimal amount of information every time when creating a letter.

Once created, letters can be added to case notes, automatically included when creating a case hearing pack and produced as a Word document.

Case hearing packs

Create hearing packs in a matter of minutes
A quick and simple way to compile case information which creates hearing packs instantly. Saving many hours of needless admin time while improving the quality and consistency of important case documentation.
When creating a case hearing pack, you have the flexibility to select the required documents and notes, a case chronology, contents page and case summary which will be generated in to your complete hearing pack.


Powerful reporting to help make better decisions
Connect your data in moments with elevated reporting capabilities. CaseworkER reporting is simple yet powerful, providing in-depth analysis of case work across the organisation or a team delivered in a range of formats based upon your requirements.

Whether it’s tabular data, graphical information or summary based reports, CaseworkER supports all your reporting needs.


Realtime information to drive behaviour and outcomes

Interactive dashboards visually deliver clear and simple case information that ensures an improved case management experience. Users can prioritise and drill down to those cases requiring attention and for managers it provides the perfect way to measure case loads and performance of the team.

The easy view dashboard highlights cases with actions due, high risk cases, cases not updated in a set period of time along with many other views.

Post case checklist

Follow-up case activities logged and completed

Built against the case, the policy specific checklist prompts users to complete all post-case tasks. This provides senior stakeholders assurance of full compliance whilst delivering an improved service to the employees involved.

The checklist is customisable but could include items such as, welfare checks following an absence related case, or maybe ensuring any lessons learnt have been captured to improve future services.


Multi-user models

A flexible approach to deliver case work
Throughout the case lifecycle, CaseworkER allows for delegation based upon demand or need. Line managers, HR teams or a hybrid of both can access CaseworkER which provides a flexible, secure and intuitive way of working for those often closest to the issue being managed.

Alerts and notifications

Proactive updates to increase visibility
CaseworkER sends automatic notifications based upon upcoming or outstanding actions, improving visibility of cases. Alerts and notifications can be sent to various stakeholders ensuring timely compliance with HR policies.

In the notification centre you can create the type of alerts you want to receive. For example, a grievance case with a specific allegation could trigger an alert to a user advising them.