Common reasons organisations look to procure or move case management systems

With speaking to and meeting many HR professionals, we regularly hear the same or similar reasons why an organisation is looking to procure an HR case management system. Here, we briefly explore our top five reasons.

Currently use spreadsheets
The majority of organisations rely on spreadsheets to log and track their HR cases. These are inherently difficult to maintain for case work, for example, they rely on all users entering information consistently and having to remember to update the case information.

Challenges with reporting
Just being able to run a basic report like the number of cases open by policy type is time consuming. This is often due to the information being held in spreadsheets and not designed with reporting in mind. The end result is HR professionals spending time cleaning up the data before reports are created.

Current system not evolving
We often hear the existing case management provider is not evolving the product or doing so very slowly. Technology evolves at pace (or at least it should do) and all system providers should have a defined roadmap along with end users actually seeing the deliverables and benefits that innovation brings. 

Centralising HR casework
With many employees still working at home or a hybrid of home and office, the need for having a centralised system is now an important reason for exploring an HR case management system. Being able to consistently save information in a securely accessible and logical way is now an everyday requirement.

Empowering line managers
Local line managers are often closer to the HR issue being managed and therefore better placed to deal with it, at least initially. This allows for HR to provide the specialist guidance and assistance when needed and become more strategic in the organisation.

If you would like to find out more about CaseworkER and the benefits it can deliver for your organisation please contact us here.

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